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We can help when you need a locksmith in Ashland 24 hours a day 365 days a year, for all auto commercial and residential services

Local 24-hour locksmiths in Ashland

Ashland is one is in South East with millions of people living or visiting near by every year. Here at Local Ashland Locksmiths we provide a comprehensive locksmith service to all client based in or visiting Ashland.

We have an expert team of locksmiths based in and around Ashland all working 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our locksmith services range from automotive services for lockouts or lost car key replacement to residential and even commercial lockouts and break in repairs.

When it comes to choosing a locksmith in Ashland you usually want a company who can be with you fast no matter when you call. Because our Ashland locksmiths provide a 24 hour emergency response for all client you won’t be left locked out of your home, vehicle or business for very long.

Some of the work we undertake ranges from unlocking a vehicle at the side of the road or at the docks which happens quite a lot, to unlocking a vehicle with the keys trapped inside or with a damaged lock. Our lads can also provide a new car key when you have lost or damaged yours, however you must specify this on the phone as a completely different vehicle will attend if you only need your keys retrieving from inside a locked vehicle.

Our team can also help you when you have been locked out of your home or business. usually a simple lockout will result in your lock being picked open and you let inside, however we also stock 99% of all commercial and domestic locks, so we can help with a lock replacement, lock repairs or even a complete new locking mechanism when you door lock has become jammed or damaged.

In the cold weather a lot of PVC door mechanisms will become jammed and the brittle metal inside may crumble if you put to much pressure on the door handle. In this instance you will be locked out of your home and the PVC door will be stuck fast even if you still have a working key. If this happens do not try to unlock the door yourself as there are special techniques used by professional locksmiths to ensure your door is not ruined when opening it.

On commercial premises we see a lot of lost shutter keys, and especially bullet lock keys. In this type of problem many clients first try to pry open the shutters themselves causing irreparable damage to the whole shutter unit which can cost thousands of pounds. A locksmith can open these types of locks and replace the useless bullet locks very easily without causing any damage at all to the roller shutter or your shop from.

If your looking for a company to deal with some high security locks, or install anti snap locks at your premises then you can feel assured that our emergency locksmith team have all kinds of high security locks for your home or business.

Locksmith Ashland

Burglary is on the increase in Ashland year after year meaning it is very important to keep the security of your premises to a very high standard. There has been a recent spate of burglaries caused by a technique known as lock snapping. This is a very simple technique that allows a criminal to unlock your door and enter your premises making no noise at all with just a simple pair of mole grips.

When your looking to increase the security at your premises we would recommend taking this type of theft into account and installing anti snap locks. When we provide a break in repair service we will always give you the option of normal locks or if desired you can have anti snap anti pick and anti drill locks installed to dramatically increase the security of your home or office.

We supply locksmith services and locksmiths in Ashland and locksmiths in all of the surrounding local areas, helping thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers.

Emergency Ashland Locksmith

Supplying 24 hour emergency locksmiths to Greater Ashland’s residents. Our emergency professional locksmith services include a fast response. We use only top quality, locksmith’s tools and high tech specialist equipment so you get the very best quality services when you need them.

We deliver your professional locksmith requirements in the Ashland local area. We specialise in most types of locksmith services from: emergency locksmiths, car locksmiths, industrial locksmiths, and household locksmiths services. We are professionals in every service, and restore any kind of locks and safes.

Using our highly skilled locksmith experts accessible to you 24 / 7, we manage all forms of emergency locksmiths calls regardless of whether if it is for your house, workplace or even car. We deal with all professional locksmith issues and difficulties with the quickest service possible.

24 Hour Locksmiths Ashland

So, when you need a professional locksmith for your company or house in the Ashland area call us.

We supply residential locksmith services in Ashland as well as in all the surrounding areas of Ashland we help thousands of residential customers every year with their domestic locksmith problems.

Supplying 24 hour emergency residential locksmith to Ashland and all its residents 365 days a year. Our team of 24 hour residential locksmiths in Ashland offer a 1 hour response anywhere in Greater Ashland for all emergencies. This means you will never be locked out in the cold for to long as our locksmith Ashland team always react fast when you need them there.

We undertake all aspects of residential locksmith work in the Ashland area. We specialise in all types of residential locks from: PVC door locks, PVC locking mechanisms, window locks, garage door locks, postbox locks and high security locks. We are experts in every residential locksmiths service and stock all residential door locks, on our fully stocked locksmith vans.

Locksmiths in Ashland

You can make use of our highly trained locksmiths 24 hours a day at short notice. We cater for all forms of emergency locksmiths work and can offer a maximum 1 hour response in most locksmith circumstances, not just household.Our fast response will not dwindle, as we deal with every emergency as fast as possible and we always aim to keep the costs down wherever possible.

So, when you need a professional residential locksmith for your home based in the Ashland area give us a call.

Commercial Locksmiths have fully stocked vans and work round the clock to keep your business safe. Our very experienced team of commercial locksmiths in Ashland operate an emergency response 24 hours a day meaning they will usually be with you within the hour anywhere in Greater Ashland.

Commercial Locksmiths specialise in all areas of the locksmiths trade and can cater for any commercial locksmith requirement. Locked out of your shop and need your shutter locks opening or bullet locks replaced then we can help. We can open any electrical shutter that have become locked or the key no longer works.

Our professional team of commercial locksmiths Ashland can install high security systems for the largest of company or even set up a manual access control system when certain keys will open certain doors on in your premises meaning staff who don’t have access to a certain room will not be able to enter that room without the correct key, although their key will open all the doors they are allowed access to.

As an extension to our locksmiths arm we can also provide and install roller shutters and office doors, so if your looking for a company to take a job from start to finish look no further as our fully qualified commercial locksmiths Ashland are always here to help.

So, if you need a commercial locksmith for your company anywhere in the Ashland area call us.

We provide first class safe engineers in Ashland so if you need any safe opening by a professional Safe Locksmith in Ashland we can help. We can pick open most domestic safes in minutes. Commercial safes and vaults can sometime take a little longer.

It is very important to keep your safe in good condition because it can be very costly if your safe ends up jammed or the mechanism breaks inside it. Here at Safe Locksmiths Ashland we offer an annual inspection of all safes and vaults as well as a full service and repair. If you run a business and have a safe that is used daily then it is very important that you have your safe serviced by a professional.

We deliver a first class service to all of our customers and we only use the best tools for the job to ensure as little damage as possible is caused when opening any safe. Our safe locksmiths in Ashland can usually react fast to any security issue you may have with your safe and open the door for you.

Using our highly trained safe locksmiths you will find that your safe is kept in fantastic condition going forward and therefore you will not end up with a jammed safe door that can be opened. This type of thing usually happens at the worst possible time when the safe is full and the bank is empty, so don’t hesitate get in touch with our safe locksmiths in Ashland today.

So, when you need a professional locksmith for your company or house in the Ashland area call us.

We supply Auto locksmiths services and Car locksmiths in Ashland. Our team of experienced vehicle entry specialists unlock vehicles daily in Ashland by picking open the car locks.

We supply a 24 hour vehicle unlocking service as well as cutting car keys and programming them, so if you have locked your keys inside your car or if you have lost your keys altogether give us a call as we can open your locked vehicle at the side of the road and make a brand new replacement ignition key.

We cater for all vehicle locksmith requirements in the Ashland local area. We specialise in vehicle entry, key cutting and key programming. If you have locked a set of keys in your car boot, then the only way to open the vehicle is by picking open the boot lock, which can only be done by an experienced highly skilled car locksmith.

When using our highly skilled 24 hour emergency car locksmiths in Ashland you will always get a first class service and a fast response 24 hours a day. We can pick open the locks on almost any vehicle so whatever car you drive, and wherever you are in Greater Ashland you can expect a fast response and a professional service.

So, when you need an expert car locksmith for your vehicle in the Ashland area call us.

How to Bump a Lock

Bumping Locks is very simple if you know how, first you need to find the correct key which fits into the door, then cut the key to the lowest point in all areas along the key (5 or 6 pin etc). After this you need to place a small spring over the key which will hold to key slightly our of the lock. push the key into the door all the way then pull it back one pin. The spring should hold the key in this position naturally if it doesn’t then adjust the spring so that it does. Now put a very small amount of pressure on the key in a turning motion as though to open the lock. Next take our your bump hammer and repeatedly hit the back of the key whilst applying the pressure on and off. eventually the key will turn and the door is open.

How to Pick a Lock

Picking a lock takes a lot of practice and when perfected can be quite easy. First place your tension wrench inside the lock and put on light pressure in a turning motion as though to open the lock with a key. Then slide your pick in all the way to the back of the lock and feel for the very back pin. push the pin up and down until you feel it catch. once it is caught the pin will no longer bounce back up when you press it. move onto the next pin. once you have done the full row, keep the tension on and go back to the beginning and pick through to the front again. repeat until all pins catch.

Residential Locksmiths

If you have been locked out of your home, or need the services of a domestic locksmith in Ashland following a break in at your home then call Local 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Commercial Locksmiths

We have highly trained fully qualified emergency locksmiths on call who can help with any of your business security need. This includes a complete break in repair service and emergency lock changes for when staff have been removed from employment.

Auto Locksmiths

Locked out of your vehicle, locked keys inside your vehicle or simply need an emergency auto locksmith to replace your lost or stolen keys, then give Local a call and we will be there in no time at all.


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